Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh Mom....and Elections

This post will be short and sweet, but it is a must that I share it...

Oh Mom....

Last night, when I got home from work, Milli was in her tinkerbell swimsuit (which I can only assume was her 5th or 6th outfit of the day). Unfortunately, my round little angel has out grown this suit and one of the straps had broken off. As I was helping her out of the suit and into her bath, she asked if I could talk to Nana (my mom) about fixing the suit, or as she put it,

"Mom, do you think Nana could rebuild my suit for me?"

I told her that I would definitely talk to her about it and that I was sure she could fix it for her. A smile crossed her face and her eyes shined as she looked at me with complete sincerity and a hint of dramatic flare and said,

"OH MOM, you are just so WONDERFUL!" and flashed me a smile. I was laughing so hard I almost slipped into the bath with her, clothes and all.

Election Night....

Election Night, Feb. 9th, 2010

As you hopefully know, Tuesday was election night for School Levies. I am a member of the Pasco Citizens for Better Schools Committee devoted to ensuring our schools are properly funded. Milli, my some day political activist, joins me for those meetings each week and of course joined me while we waited for the election results on Tuesday night.

In my opinion, it is never too early to start teaching our children about the democratic process. It's normal for children to participate in elections at the age of 3, right?

P.S. Our School Levy Passed! Thank you Pasco voters!

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