Monday, February 22, 2010

Kids say the darnest things

If I had been smart, I would have started a little notebook of all the funny and cute things Milli would say as she moved through her youth. I laugh daily at the witty and hysterical comments that come so freely from my little Miss Mill. I have blogged and facebooked in the past about a couple of them, but it isn't an entire list of all she has said that has either brought an outright burst of laughter or a smile. Even when I shouldn't laugh, I sometimes do...ops.

I have cataloged a couple of her past ones I love and recent ones that warmed my heart or gave me a true LOL moment.

Milli, before she turned 2:
“One more time….”
Whenever I would read one of Milli's favorite books, sang her favorite song (Twinkle Twinkle) or watch her favorite movie with her (Tinkerbell), she would always request it a second, third, fourth, and fiftieth time. She would look right at you, stick out her chubby little pointer finger and say, “One more time…” and then flash a sheepish grin. She would say it with such hope that I would of course grant her wish every time.

“What da Hecckkk!”
This is still my favorite. Milli would say this in her deep voice everytime she was surprised, excited, or the mood struck her. She still says it from time to time, but you just have to hear her say it to truly understand how funny it is. She says it with an accent, but not one I can place. It is usually accompanied with both hands on her hips and a puzzled look on her face.

Milli, just over 3:
This past week, Milli was full of the one liners. I added a little story about my two favorites. She is so good at knowing just what to say to lighten the mood and/or make you laugh. I am sure she hasn’t picked that up from me, my sisters, or my mom. 

On Valentine’s Day, Milli and I were rushing to make it to Church on time (and by on time I mean less than 10 minutes late). As I am pulling through the parking lot, panicked because we were definitely LATE, Milli says out of the blue, “Mom, you make my heart SO Happy!” heart melting....How did my 3 year old angel faced girl, know just want to say to snap me out of my frantic state of mind and throw me back into reality...being late isn’t the end of the world?

She followed suit this past weekend in a similar manner. As I was rushing around trying to get things ready for another hectic week, I was barking out orders to everyone including the dog. From my bedroom, where Milli was cleaning up her toys, I hear her yell out to me, "You are a GREAT mommy". Again, a slap of reality. So I stopped throwing the dirty dishes into the washer which seemed important 10 seconds ago and sat on the floor of my room and played cards with my girl.

Funny Girl…
Last night, my sister was walking out of my parents house after Sunday dinner with Milli. Her girls and little guy were already in the car buckled safely as I was trying to round up Milli and Luey. As they walked out to the car, Bethy commented on how much she loved Milli’s gorgeous mermaid tale (Milli had wrapped her blanket around her legs so that she looked like a mermaid (of course)). Milli responded quickly, “Tank you, and I like…(she looked around to see what she could compliment) your beautiful car.” I heard Bethy let out a huge laugh and thanked Milli. I looked up just in time to see the mermaid “swim” by the car and join me at ours.

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